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Below is a sampling of our many customer success stories.
Apogee Electronics
Advancing From Excel Spreadsheets Amplifies Digital Audio Manufacturer's Engineering Design, Documentation and Collaboration Processes
Digital Audio Interfaces and Microphones
Apogee Electronics is a leading manufacturer of professional digital audio interfaces and microphones for recording and listening to music. Apogee’s latest products ONE, JAM and MiC, designed especially for Apple® iPad®, iPhone®, Mac®, and GarageBand® software, are proof that Apogee continues to be at the forefront of recording technology.

Like many new companies, Apogee was managing product information with Excel spreadsheets where Bills of Materials (BOMs) were maintained manually and changes were managed in a homegrown system. The manual approach of hand entering information into spreadsheets proved to be error-prone with mistakes that wound up being very costly. In addition, Excel did not provide any capabilities for revision control or assessing the effects of design decisions.

Apogee was seeking a software solution to meet their specific needs for managing BOM revisions, document vaulting, and signoff procedures with a clear record of all changes. “The biggest factor for us in finding a solution was price followed by integration with our PADS PCB design tool, compatibility with MAC devices and the ability to own the data,” said Marcus Fan, IT Manager. “We looked at a few Product Lifecycle Management vendors including Arena Solutions, Siemens PLM and Omnify Software, and Omnify’s web-based solution provided all of the functionality we required with a price that was right for us.”
Return on Investment
 • Easy to use and cost effective web-based solution
 • Simple upgrade from using Excel spreadsheets
 • More efficient BOM and change management
 • Direct integration with Mentor Graphics PADS®
 • Collaboration among engineering, operations and manufacturing
 • Time and cost savings with secure access to product information for their contract manufacturer
 • Reduce time spend searching for information
 • Improve engineering design choices
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August Electronics
EMS Provider Improves Communication with Customers
Contract Manufacturing
As an EMS provider, August Electronics receives product/BOM information from customers in various formats including emails, spreadsheets and even phone calls. Without an electronic system in place to track and manage this information, August Electronics would run into issues with duplicate data and wasted time spent searching for information.

The company set out to find a software solution to electronically manage their BOMs, keep track of Engineering Change history, provide document revision control and integrate with their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. August Electronics selected the Empower PLM solution from Omnify Software based on a recommendation from their ERP vendor, Aptean Intuitive ERP. Omnify Empower offered exactly what they needed for managing customer product information and for integrating with their Intuitive ERP system.
Return on Investment
 • Established efficient paperless processes
 • Standardized processes for ISO compliance
 • Direct integration with Intuitive ERP
 • Eliminated duplicate data entry into ERP
 • Simplified management of various customer BOM types
 • Reduced time spent searching for scattered customer product information
 • Improved data integrity and process times
 • Improved product quality
 • Gained a competitive edge
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Design and Manufacturing Integration Eliminates Duplicate Database Data Entry, Shortens ECO Processes and Improves Supplier Communication
Digital Audio and Video Technology
Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with worldwide partners and suppliers, Avid needed to create a unified environment for their global product development teams to easily find and share product information in real-time. The company was managing product data in multiple systems that did not interface with each other. This environment resulted in the duplicate entry of data into various systems.

The company set out to find a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system in order to help streamline their product design and development processes for Avid video products. “Our ultimate goal was to create a central location for data and knowledge sharing throughout the evolution of a product.”

After researching six PLM vendors over a five-month period, Avid selected the Omnify Empower PLM solution. Implementing Omnify has allowed the Avid Video business unit to meet their goal of creating a central repository for product information. All of Avid’s various systems, including their ISO (International Standards Organization), ECO (Engineering Change Order) and Test Procedures have been consolidated into one database.

A direct link from the Omnify Empower database to Mentor Graphics DxDatabook™ allows engineers to select parts and access all part data such as symbols, device name, component package, and documentation from Omnify without leaving their design environment. Duplicate data entry has been eliminated through bi-directional sharing of information between the Omnify Empower PLM system and SAP.
Return on Investment
 • Improved data integrity
 • Improved resource allocation
 • Ensure new products are built to the latest revision
 • Real-time access to information for global suppliers
 • Accelerate ECO and new product processes
 • Cost-effectively scale to accommodate new users
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Casa Systems
Empower PLM: “Perfect Choice” for Growing Ultra-Broadband Solutions Company
Ultra-Broadband Solutions
Casa Systems had a manual Bill of Material (BOM) and change management method in place where everything was tracked in Excel spreadsheets. The company was growing incredibly fast and they needed to find a solution to support formal engineering change control processes in order to eliminate issues they were experiencing with accountability, delays and lost information. They wanted an intuitive, easy to use, affordable product that would scale with them as they grew and integrated with their existing engineering design environment.

“I have previous experience with PLM systems so I knew what I was looking for, and after seeing a demo on Omnify Empower I knew it was exactly what we needed,” stated Kristin Couturier, Documentation Control Manager/ISO Administrator for Casa Systems. “We found the product to be very intuitive, allows easy access to necessary product information, and offers a price that is right for a small company. The key selling point for us was that Empower PLM talks to our engineering design software, Mentor Graphics DXDesigner, and with other PLM systems it was an additional module at an additional cost.”
Return on Investment
 • Easily transitioned from Excel spreadsheets to automated product development processes
 • Implemented in two days
 • Full adoption within one month
 • Gained efficient electronic BOM and Engineering Change Management processes
 • Eliminated issues with accountability, delays and lost information
 • Integration with Mentor Graphics DxDesigner
 • Affordable and scalable for growing company
 • Hosted deployment eliminates server
 • maintenance
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EST Analytical
Single Engineering Change and Quality Control System Improves Business Processes for ISO Compliance
Analytical Instruments and Lab Equipment
EST Analytical is a family-owned and operated business. As a market leader in sample introduction for VOC analysis by GC or GC/MS, EST Analytical has been providing innovative products to a wide variety of industries for over twenty years.

EST Analytical started looking for a document control system to replace several paper-based product development and business processes in order to prepare for ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification. Their previous processes were a combination of multiple disconnected spreadsheets and databases to manage engineering and manufacturing information such as drawings and work instructions. Their Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) did not tie-in to their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which resulted in duplicate data entry and a long and uncontrolled ECO approval process. Their Quality/Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) records were Excel-based documents tracked in an Access database.

As EST Analytical searched for a document control solution they discovered that a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system was what they ultimately needed to address all of their challenges.“With Omnify Empower we have been able to standardize business processes and centralize the management of documents, revision control and CAPAs in order to deliver consistent product to our customers and meet ISO compliance,” stated Tony Batt, Quality Manager for EST Analytical. “We continue to reap the benefits of Omnify Empower by finding new ways to adapt the solution to improve other business processes.”
Return on Investment
 • Single Engineering Change and Quality Control system
 • Established efficient paperless business processes
 • Standardized processes for ISO compliance
 • Direct integration with Sage 100 ERP
 • Eliminate duplicate data entry into ERP
 • All product information is organized and searchable
 • Improved data integrity and process times
 • Gained audit trail and traceability on all changes
 • Developed closed-loop CAPA processes
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Genetec, Inc.
Leading Physical IP Security Software Innovator Migrates from Open-Source PLM System to Empower PLM to Gain Functionality and Achieve Operational Savings
Physical IP Security Solutions
As Genetec grew its business in the physical IP video surveillance industry, the company chose to transition its PLM system to Omnify Empower PLM for greater performance features and a turnkey solution. Empower PLM provided Genetec with essential features such as intelligent reference designators, Bill of Material (BOM) redlining, BOM comparisons, change history tracking and data importing capabilities that did not require customization of the software to employ.

“As the company grew, we determined that our development teams required a more robust and cost-effective solution to manage our expanding product development information processes,” said Danny Roy, Hardware Development Manager for Genetec, Inc. “After a thorough review, we chose Omnify Software because we were impressed with its ease of use, functionality and competitive price.”
Return on Investment
 • Gained key features with out-of-the-box functionality
 • Easy migration of data from existing PLM system (one day of downtime)
 • Eliminated time consuming customizations
 • Achieved operational savings
 • Direct integration with Altium Designer
 • Direct integration with SolidWorks
 • Completely automated BOM, document and engineering change management
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Gooch & Housego
Manufacturer of Oxide Single Crystals Reduces Engineering Change Cycles by 16% and Achieves $250,000 in Cost Savings
Manufacturer of Oxide Single Crystals
Volume manufacturing is Gooch and Housego's specialty with a notable annual production of 60 tons of single-crystalline lithium niobate. A staff of 150 people delivers a number of highly customized product lines involving internal and external development teams. This environment, coupled with increasing pressure from customers for solutions to be delivered in a much faster timeframe, required the company to take a look at their existing product development processes and find ways to improve efficiencies.

Automating their manual processes was essential to streamline communication among the product development teams for faster reviews and evaluation. In addition, automating the sharing of product development and change management information between their Infor ERP Baan system and Cadence® OrCAD® CIS design environment would address data inconsistencies and eliminate re-work.

After assessing PLM vendors, they selected the Omnify Empower PLM solution because of its ability to address all of their requirements at a much more reasonable cost than other systems, easily integrate with their existing design and manufacturing systems, and the willingness of the Omnify team to support their needs.
Return on Investment
 • Reduced ECO cycle time by 16%
 • Estimated overall savings of $250k over 5 years
 • Ensures accuracy of data across the enterprise
 • Easy to use solution/fast user adoption
 • Eliminate waste in manually searching and accessing product information
 • Meet ISO and RoHS compliance requirements
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Grass Valley
Leader in Video Technology Updates Legacy Systems to Gain Automated and Integrated Product Development Processes
Video Technology
For more than 50 years, the Grass Valley™ name has been synonymous with innovation, leadership, and performance. As the premiere video technology solutions company, Grass Valley knows what it takes to keep up with the fast pace of technology advancements, customer requirements and a global workforce. With an aging component database and a Product Data Management (PDM) system that eventually was announced End of Life (EOL) the company had to find a new way to support their complex product lifecycle requirements. Grass Valley needed a next generation solution to automate engineering change and Bill of Material (BOM) management as well as streamline their engineering and manufacturing processes.

A team comprised of Engineering and IT staff set out to find the ideal Product Lifecycle Management solution. “Besides the functional requirements, our main goals were to find an off- the-shelf solution that did not require customizations, was easy to use and offered a good price to performance ratio,” stated Gerard Meijer, Manager of Digital Hardware and Layout for Grass Valley. “A few additional PLM requirements included out-of-the -box integration with our existing CAD tools from Mentor Graphics, bi-directional integration with our manufacturing systems and an internally developed engineering database, plus an easy to use and browser independent interface for the manufacturing floor. All possible solutions were compared on a score card and Omnify Empower PLM was the best possible solution for us.”

Grass Valley now has highly automated and integrated processes for ECR’s (Engineering Change Requests) and CQ’s (Component Qualifications). Empower PLM provides Grass Valley with the ability to easily search for information, view a complete hierarchical BOM list, and deliver automatic notifications on changes. The company is able to share pertinent development information across their entire enterprise by integrating Design, Manufacturing and the factory floor via Empower PLM. In addition, Grass Valley has opened the Empower PLM system to their Contract Manufacturer (CM). Their CM has full yet controlled access to product documentation, BOMs, and ECOs and is included in the automated process flows.
Return on Investment
 • Easy transition from aging legacy systems
 • Efficient electronic BOM and change management
 • Easy to use, flexible and cost effective solution
 • Integration with Mentor Graphics engineering design tools
 • Integration with their business and manufacturing systems
 • Secure access to product information for their contract manufacturer
 • Collaboration among design, manufacturing, factory and partners
 • Shorter component qualification and engineering change request lead time
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Infinera (Formerly Transmode)
Global Provider of Packet-Optical Network Solutions Improves Product Creation and Certification Processes
Packet-Optical Networking Solutions
Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Transmode is a global provider of packet-optical networking solutions that enable fixed line and mobile network operators to cost effectively address the capacity needs created by the rapid growth in video and data traffic.

In 2005 Transmode began experiencing the side-effects of aging design tools, and manually handling Bill of Materials (BOMs) via spreadsheets. They found it difficult to get good control over their product documents and files and needed a way to better handle requirements for Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliance.

As Transmode began the process of revising their product design and development systems, their first update was to their engineering design environment. The company selected OrCAD from Cadence Design Systems as their Electronic Computer Aided Design (ECAD) system and Omnify Software (which offers a direct integration with OrCAD) as their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system.

Today, Omnify Empower PLM is used throughout Transmode to provide appropriate parties with access to information about products, revisions, documents, suppliers, etc. As a result of implementing Empower PLM, Transmode now has effective control over the creation and certification of their products with respect to RoHS, life cycle and LTB (Last Time to Buy). “Using the Empower PLM workflow engine allows us to easily handle the approval of files and structures from the first stage at R&D all the way through to manufacturing,” stated Mikael Kalla, Configuration Manager at Transmode.
Return on Investment
 • Efficient part, BOM, change, AVL, and document management
 • Controlled processes for product creation and certification
 • Direct integration with Cadence OrCAD
 • Better design choices with access to supply chain data
 • Easily identify, track and report data for RoHS compliance
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Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions
Electronics Manufacturing Services Provider Improves Documentation Communication with Customers by 100%
Electronics Manufacturing Services Provider
Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions (IMS) is a full service Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, specializing in New Product Introduction and Quick Turn Assembly, from Prototype through Moderate Run Production. IMS provides "Intelligent Solutions" to a diversified customer base. These solutions include Quick Turn Prototyping, Sourcing Services, Supply Chain Stabilization Programs, Enhanced Manufacturability Guidance, Test Design and Development, and Safe Passage Transition.

With competitive pressures locally and offshore, IMS needed to increase their value-add to provide the highest level of service to their customers. IMS recognized that Omnify's PLM system could facilitate this by providing a single environment for creating and changing product information and enabling vital product data to be easily shared between IMS and their customers.
Return on Investment
 • 100% reduction in ECO notification time
 • 100% improvement in documentation communication
 • Improved and streamlined communication
 • Compare BOMs in minutes vs. hours
 • Elimination of scrap due to incorrect builds
 • Elimination of lost schedule time due to supply or BOM issues
 • Single location to create and change product data
 • IMS involved in sourcing and design decisions
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L3 Klein Associates, Inc.
Automated Processes Help L3 Klein Associates Decrease Inventory Exercises by 50%
Side Scan Sonar Systems
L3 Klein was searching for a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution that would enable greater visibility into their entire development cycle, from idea and request for materials, to engineering and manufacturing. The solution would replace L3 Klein's homegrown solution that relied heavily on Excel spreadsheets, e-mail and manual requests that resulted in inefficiencies in the development process. The PLM solution would also have to integrate seamlessly with L3 Klein's existing ERP system, VISUAL Enterprise as well as their engineering design environment, Cadence® OrCAD® Capture CIS.

Omnify met all of L3 Klein's requirements for functionality, cost, ease-of-use, and unmatched customer support. Through Omnify, L3 Klein automated their time-consuming manual processes and established collaboration between engineering and manufacturing. L3 Klein now has visibility into their entire product development cycle. Data integrity, cycle times and product innovation have all improved since implementing Omnify.
Return on Investment
 • Inventory exercise time reduced by 50%
 • Eliminated delays in reporting and scheduling
 • Improved data integrity
 • Unsurpassed efficiency levels
 • Improved part selection process
 • Reduced product redundancies
 • Decreased time-to-market
Read full success story (PDF)
LORD MicroStrain Sensing Systems
Extending PLM to Encompass Quality Management Provides a Holistic View of Product and Quality Data to Effectively Identify and Resolve Quality Issues Early On
Mini Sensors
LORD MicroStrain has been using the Empower PLM system to manage their parts, bill of materials (BOMs) and engineering change/ECO information since 2007. The company realized positive business benefits managing their design processes with Empower PLM and saw an opportunity to expand that success by leveraging the quality management capabilities of the system.

The company did not previously have automated quality management in place. Without formal documentation of specific problems, it was time-consuming to identify and effectively resolve issues. The company was also setting out to achieve ISO 9001 Certification and implementing a formal quality management system was a requirement.

“Based on our experience, it was a simple decision to adopt the Empower Quality module as our quality system,” said Mike Jewett, senior quality engineer, LORD MicroStrain. “We tested a 30-day trial and found it easy to use and the training of our engineers was simple. Furthermore, we eliminated the need to purchase a separate quality management product and we get better visibility into quality issues across our organization by tracking all quality and product record information in one central system.”
Return on Investment
 • Enhanced investment in PLM with Quality Management
 • Eliminate the need to purchase a separate quality system
 • Centralized product record and quality management
 • Holistic view of quality across all product lines
 • Effectively identify and resolve quality issues early on
Read full success story (PDF)
Nujira, Ltd.
World Leader in Envelope Tracking (ET) Technology Creates Closed-Loop and Error-Free Engineering Processes
Envelope Tracking (ET)
Nujira, Ltd. is the world leader in Envelope Tracking (ET) technology and solutions for powering energy efficient 4G cellular terminals, base stations and digital broadcast transmitters.

Nujira implemented the Empower PLM solution from Omnify Software to gain better control over their engineering data and processes for PCB designs. The company was using a component management database that was initially sufficient for their needs, but as Nujira grew, it became inadequate to control information such as Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) and product documentation. The company also had to address concerns associated with various sources and versions of data that were a consequence of their manual processes.

By implementing the Omnify Empower PLM solution, Nujira created a central location to access and manage product information such as ECOs, BOMs (Bills of Materials) and documents. The company also took advantage of Empower PLM’s tight integration with Mentor Graphics Expedition® PCB in order to develop a closed-loop, error-free process that eliminates the need for any manual editing. Design engineers are able to utilize the power of the Omnify database by selecting components directly from Empower PLM and placing them onto schematics. A BOM is then generated from the final schematic and loaded directly into Empower PLM.

“Our previous process to import a Parts List from a schematic took well over an hour to complete (for every Parts List) and now it takes only a few minutes,” said Richard Sharples, CAD Engineering Manager for Nujira. “Checking an ECO has also been reduced from a full day to only a matter of seconds due to the redlining capability of Empower PLM.”
Return on Investment
 • Eliminate silos of product information (centralized data)
 • Efficient BOM, engineering change and document management
 • Direct integration with Mentor Graphics Expedition PCB
 • Closed-loop and error-free automated engineering processes
 • ECO checking reduced from one day to seconds
 • Parts List import reduced from hours to minutes
 • Reduce time spent searching for information
 • Cost savings with accurate and up to date data
Read full success story (PDF)
Oztek Corp.
Oztek Achieves One-Click Engineering Change Visibility and Improved Component Management
Power Converter Solutions
Prior to adopting Omnify Software, Oztek utilized a manual, paper-based Engineering Change Order (ECO) system. ECO numbers were logged in Excel. Forms were completed in Word and then printed and routed through appropriate personnel for

Oztek’s primary goal was to replace their paper ECO process with an automated, computer-based solution in order to eliminate the manual record keeping steps while providing better traceability and reporting. A second goal was to improve their ability to manage components including; initial part creation, use of attributes, a formal approval process, and integration with their CAD environment, Cadence OrCAD®.
Return on Investment
 • Eliminate tedious paper-based ECO and component management
 • Gain visibility and traceability on all engineering changes
 • Easily find bottlenecks to expedite the ECO process
 • Eliminating manual processes saves two days of work monthly
 • All part information is visible and searcheable directly from within Cadence OrCAD
 • Improve employee training process with the Training Module
 • Simple to use web-based application
 •  Intuitive and easy to train new employees
Read full success story (PDF)
Petra Systems
Petra Systems Takes a 'Smart' Approach to Development of Smart Energy Solutions with PLM
Smart Energy Solutions
As a new company in a high-growth industry, Petra Systems needed to implement systems and processes to manage their large volume of engineering data. Growing from about sixty employees to over one hundred and fifty in a year (a vast majority in engineering), Petra Systems found that their current environment for managing engineering activity needed to be more efficient and streamlined. The company’s processes were manual and all product related data was stored on secured drives.

Petra Systems wanted to become more mechanized with automated processes around document control, engineering changes, and Bill of Material (BOM) management. They also wanted to improve their processes related to meeting compliance in order to ensure the use of compliant parts early in the design cycle. With previous experience using Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Petra Systems knew there was a need for a PLM system to be able to manage their complex engineering activity.

Petra Systems implemented the Omnify Empower PLM solution to address their product development needs. Empower PLM is now the primary tool used to develop and solidify all design changes and track a product’s lifecycle. With
Empower PLM in place, Petra Systems has replaced manual processes with a more disciplined and automated approach for part number creation, part development, BOM management, Engineering Change Orders (ECOs),
and document control.
Return on Investment
 • Estimated 74% reduction in ECO cycle time
 • Able to increase product volume
 • Affordable, scalable, easy to use PLM system for SMB
 • Eliminate replication of error-prone data
 • More easily meet utility compliance requirements
Read full success story (PDF)
Sky plc
Real-time Information Sharing Dramatically Improves Engineering Change Processes
Entertainment Technology
Sky plc is Europe’s leading entertainment company. The group serves 21 million customers across five countries: Italy, Germany, Austria, the UK and Ireland. The company was looking to improve their product development processes in order to maintain their standard for delivering high quality products to their customers across Europe. They were using Excel spreadsheets, FTP sites, and emails to manage and share product information which made it very difficult to find information and was prone to errors and delays.

The Empower PLM solution addressed all of Sky’s requirements by providing a single location to electronically manage all product content information such as Bill of Materials (BOMs), Engineering Changes, Documents, Quality and Compliance information that was also easy to use, configurable to meet their specific needs, and required minimal IT resources.
Return on Investment
 • Improved product information management with centralized data
 • Gained real-time information sharing across multiple sites
 • Dramatic improvement to ECO process
 • Reduced communication errors with external partners and suppliers
 • Manufacturing partners in China are always up to date with the latest BOM changes, part numbers and related data
 • Minimal IT resource requirements to maintain system
 • Configurable to meet their requirements
Read full success story (PDF)
Treske Precision Machining, Inc.
Treske Precision Machining Implements Omnify in Less Than a Week and Shortens Engineering Change Cycles by over 75%
Manufacturer of Precision Machined Parts, Welded Frames, and Integrated Assemblies
A substantial growth in their customer base and pending ISO certification changed Treske’s requirements for managing product information. Legacy processes were no longer sufficient to keep up with the significant increase of documentation that needed to be managed. Treske’s product documentation was stored in various files on network servers; Bills of Materials (BOMs) were managed in Excel spreadsheets and prints were saved in PDF format. This setup lacked accessibility and the capabilities to keep documentation in a controlled environment such as tracking, linking and where-used searching.

Treske had implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution from Epicor Software Corporation, Epicor Vantage® 8.0, to manage manufacturing information such as job planning, purchasing, inventory and financial data. Treske knew the best way to manage their growing product information and properly track documentation for ISO certification was to employ a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution. Treske’s ultimate goal was to integrate the ERP and PLM environments to directly share information through an automated process and eliminate double entry of part data. Treske enters new part data on a daily basis and manually entering that data into two systems is error-prone and time-consuming. Treske wanted all released information, particularly BOMs, automatically uploaded to Epicor from the PLM system.

Omnify supplied Treske with a PLM solution that met all of their requirements: an open integration platform, ease of use, low cost, and an outstanding support team.
Return on Investment
 • Fast implementation and training (under one week)
 • Reduced ECO cycle time by over 75%
 • Unified location to manage product information
 • Ensure accuracy of data across the enterprise
 • Reduced product returns
 • Eliminate delays in searching and accessing product information
 • Supports ISO certification requirements
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Vergent Products, Inc.
Vergent Products, Inc. Improves Product Quality and Customer Collaboration
Design and Manufacturing Services
Vergent manages multiple customers and products in both development and assembly. Data is received in various file formats and revisions and communication between Vergent and their customers is critical. The company was tracking and managing Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) on a shared Excel spreadsheet which resulted in a variety of problems.

With a focus on consistently producing quality products, on time, Vergent was looking for better methods to process ECOs, track releases of documents related to products, control document revisions with a repository for those documents, as well as a means to improve collaboration with their customers.

After seeing a demonstration of the Omnify Empower PLM system, Vergent knew it was exactly what they needed to address their product development issues.

Vergent has over 60 employees using the Omnify Empower PLM system including: Sales, Service, Engineering, Purchasing and Production. The company is leveraging the core features of Empower PLM to support controlled processes such as; item and Bill of Material (BOM) creation, engineering changes, file management, revision control, approval history, task management, and document control. The company has also expanded their use of Omnify Empower PLM with the Quality Management and Project Management features.
Return on Investment
 • Eliminate lost time searching for status of Engineering Change Orders (ECOs)
 • Reduce material scrap and incorrect orders by 96%
 • Reduce paper, printing, ink, and shipping costs
 • Reduce scrap and re-work
 • Improve communication with customers/customer satisfaction
 • Improve document control
 • Support consistent product quality
 • Faster New Product Introduction (NPI) cycles
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Implementing PLM Early On Gives Emerging Wireless Technology Company a Boost
Wireless Electricity
WiTricity was founded in 2007 to commercialize an exciting new technology for wireless electricity invented by world renowned physicists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Like a typical start-up, WiTricity had a small team managing design information in Excel spreadsheets. Even with the minimal amount of data they were managing, they were experiencing the chaos of manual processes. Spreadsheet revisions were constantly changing with no formal change control process or centralized repository location.

They needed to replace their Excel spreadsheets with a more formal and controlled automated system. “As we started to evaluate solutions, we really wanted to find a product that could meet our needs as a small technology start-up and delivered the best value,” stated Matt MacDonald, Vice President of Engineering for WiTricity. “The Omnify Empower PLM solution was a perfect fit for us because it delivered functionality, scalability and a start-up friendly price tag.”
Return on Investment
 • Start-up friendly price tag
 • Full functionality to meet their current and future needs
 • Scalable to grow as their team/company grows
 • Integration with Mentor Graphics engineering design tools
 • Integration with their Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system
 • Controlled and efficient engineering processes
 • Eliminate chaos of managing engineering changes with Excel spreadsheets
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Z Microsystems
Z Microsystems Automates Training Processes and Gets "Pat on the Back" From ISO Auditor
Field-ready computing solutions for military, medical, industrial, and law enforcement applications
Z Microsystems has been successfully using the Omnify Software Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to help manage and control their product life cycle for a little over six years. With the release of Omnify Empower PLM, new product features, specifically Training Management, became very valuable to the organization in addressing issues beyond their initial Product Lifecycle Management requirements.

With success managing their product design and development processes via Omnify, Z Microsystems turned to this system to address their outstanding ISO (International Organization for Standardization) compliance issues.
Return on Investment
 • Meet ISO compliance requirements
 • Automate and streamline training processes
 • Update outdated Stanard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
 • Remove unecessary hard copy documents from the floor
 • Improve team collaboration with automated change alerts
 • Save time with single document master list
 • Improve document control
Read full success story (PDF)