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Introducing Omnify Empower PLM 7.0- Enhanced User Experience
Empower PLM version 7.0 is our next generation web-based, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution that delivers new tools and features on a new technology platform to better support our on-premises and hosted clients.
Version 7.0 offers all of the functionality of the existing Empower PLM system, plus new customer-driven modules and enhancements to help more easily manage parts, Bill of Materials (BOMs), engineering changes, product documentation, quality/CAPA processes, training requirements and compliance data across your entire organization. A new technology platform further enhances Omnify Empower with a modern interface, simplified navigation and improved overall ease of use.
Read about some of the new features and enhancements below or Register for Demo to see Omnify Empower PLM 7.0 in action!
Empower 7.0 Delivers:
Improved User Experience:
Empower 7.0 leverages the latest browser technology to provide the user with an enhanced experience by delivering an updated look and feel, improved navigation, independent scrolling slide-out panels, and extended User Interface (UI) options.
Omnify Empower offers both on-premises and hosted deployment options. New security features have been added for both our On-Premises and Hosted/SaaS customers including an improved password framework with new retrieval options and an extended authentication platform that supports more SSO methods (including login via Salesforce credentials) and providers (LDAP, OAuth, SAML, etc.).
New Global Associations allow any object in the Empower 7.0 system to be associated with another object. The Association page can display the complete association (hierarchical) tree for any object. This provides a complete view of related objects and simplifies navigation and searching.
Empower 7.0 is built on a REST (Representational State Transfer) services platform to enhance our integration framework for 3rd Party systems with additional functionality, improved performance, and to simplify future integrations.
New Modules and Features:
New SiliconExpert interface. SiliconExpert is the leading industry provider of electronic component data and parts management software in the electronics industry. The integration between SiliconExpert and Omnify Empower will supply Omnify users with detailed part information when creating new, corporate parts/part numbers and maintain a direct link to SiliconExpert to deliver the latest component information on those parts within Empower 7.0.
CADKit, Empower’s design integration tool, includes a new Design Upload Wizard to help guide engineers when uploading design data from 3rd party tools such as: SOLIDWORKS, Mentor Graphics, Cadence, Altium, etc. The upload utility will automatically recognize any changes and apply the redlines to new or existing Changes/ECOs.
The BOM Routing Module allows you to document all manufacturing, assembly, test, and inspection procedures within the Empower system. Improvements to the BOM Routing module have simplified the creation and modification of routings and provided the ability to modify BOM Routings under Change/ECO control.
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