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Communication is the cornerstone of product development, manufacturing, and support. Meetings, emails and phone/conference calls are important aspects of any team that builds products.
Capturing these discussions and associating them to product records provide all personnel with the visibility to understand the full impact their products had on users/consumers/customers. Understanding this impact has a direct impact on product features and quality for future designs and updates/upgrades.
The Omnify Empower PLM HelpDesk module provides a communication portal that allows you to capture all product related discussions and feedback and raise, route, and track any problems/issues. The HelpDesk module helps improve product development, quality, and timelines by:
  • Providing product data links to internal and external feedback
  • Capturing all product related discussions/dialogs
  • Providing a user blogging environment
  • Managing and routing help tickets
  • Tracking help ticket closure
  • Building solutions/knowledge base to common issues

Benefits of Omnify Empower Help Desk Management

  • Efficient pre-filtering process before an object becomes a quality issue, ECO, etc… (collect data without impacting processes)
  • Automatically associate customer feedback to product records
  • Build solutions and knowledge base for common questions/problems to improve product design
  • Closed-loop processing of "Omnify" and "Non-Omnify" related issues
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Help Desk Management