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User training is critical to ensure all personnel are kept up to date on product and policy changes. Companies that need to meet FDA and/or ISO regulations are required to implement and document employee training.
Implementing an electronic system to facilitate training control helps manufacturers keep their personnel adequately trained to adhere to company and regulatory policies.
The Omnify Empower PLM Training Management module provides an automated system to manage all internal and external training events. With Empower PLM, Training Management is integrated with Documentation Management which ensures timely training on document updates when required. The Training Management module helps customers manage training requirements by:
  • Tracking and documenting all internal and external training records
  • Training revision management/control
  • Identifying affected users and customers
  • Automatically alerting trainees for training/re-training
  • Assigning comprehension exams to gauge understanding
  • Automating training setup on policy, product, document changes
  • Identifying recurring training/test/calibration events

Benefits of Omnify Empower Training Management

  • Streamline product rollout processes
  • Electronic signoff and training history records
  • Automatic alerts on policy, product, document changes
  • Automated machine calibration processes
  • Assure regulatory compliance with closed-loop CAPA system requirements
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