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Customer Success Stories

Omnify Empower PLM has been recognized by G2 Crowd, the world's leading business software review platform, as a high performer earning the highest overall satisfaction score in the PLM Software Grid Report.
Below is a sampling of our many customer success stories.
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Leading Manufacturer of Commercial and Military Aerospace Platforms Realizes Cost Savings by Preventing Late-stage Rework
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Like many electronics manufacturers, Astronics AES was challenged with its manual product development processes. The company produces well over 100 products, each with their own processes and workflows, and over 20,000 parts. To position themselves for continued growth and meet the demands of its aerospace customers (Boeing, Panasonic, Avionics, AirBus, among others) for high quality products, the executive team was motivated to look at new strategies that would maintain the company's competitive edge and product reputation in bringing leading electrical power to passengers and airline personnel. Investing in a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system to tighten product lifecycle processes and ensure that accurate product data was shared among design and manufacturing teams was the first step.
The company required a PLM system that provided easy integration with their ERP environment, Intuitive ERP, so that product data such as Bill of Materials (BOMs), drawings and changes could be automatically ported to the Intuitive system and eliminate errors related to hand-entering data. They also wanted the ability to integrate the PLM system with their engineering design environments, SOLIDWORKS and Cadence® OrCAD® CIS.
"We evaluated a number of PLM systems for the purpose of creating a best practices environment and found Omnify's PLM software stood out from the crowd of PLM vendors in terms of it being a robust system, having a seamless interface to our Intuitive ERP and extremely good people standing behind the Omnify product."
Key Benefits:
  • Eliminate potential data inaccuracies and costly rework
  • Reduce searching time with data in a single location
  • Standardize and control internal processes
  • Ensure accuracy of data across the enterprise
  • Facilitate meeting ISO and FAA regulatory requirements
Centralized and Automated Development Processes Get Accolades from ISO Auditor
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Cytonome develops, manufactures and markets the most advanced, highest quality cell purification systems available worldwide for BioMedicine, BioIndustry, and BioScience.
They have an innovative focus to developing new products, where engineering develops concepts in parallel with manufacturing during the prototype phase. More efficient communication between these departments was the drive to adopt a PLM system. The company was managing product development with tools that did not communicate with each other. Information had to be manually entered into separate systems which took up valuable employee time, introduced costly human data entry errors and resulted in systems containing incorrect or out-of-date information.
Cytonome was also preparing for their International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification and needed to have formal processes in place to demonstrate proper management, tracking and reporting of product development and manufacturing procedures and information.
"Our overall product development processes are faster and more efficient due to the time savings and improved data accuracy we have realized by implementing Omnify Empower as our central product information management system," stated Heather Kiessling, Chief Financial Officer for Cytonome. "The most significant business benefit of using Omnify Empower is the real time global updates among engineering, purchasing and manufacturing that we did not have before."
Key Benefits:
  • First ISO audit resulted in zero findings and accolades from auditor
  • Achieved goal of real time information sharing among engineering, purchasing and manufacturing
  • Able to eliminate errors associated with manual processes
  • Direct integration with SOLIDWORKS
  • Direct integration with Expandable ERP
  • Gained faster and more efficient product development processes
  • Now manage product, quality and training information in a single/central system
  • Ease of use facilitated adoption across the company
Leading Physical IP Security Software Innovator Migrates from Open-Source PLM System to Empower PLM to Gain Functionality and Achieve Operational Savings
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As Genetec grew its business in the physical IP video surveillance industry, the company chose to transition its PLM system to Omnify Empower PLM for greater performance features and a turnkey solution. Empower PLM provided Genetec with essential features such as intelligent reference designators, Bill of Material (BOM) redlining, BOM comparisons, change history tracking and data importing capabilities that did not require customization of the software to employ.
"As the company grew, we determined that our development teams required a more robust and cost-effective solution to manage our expanding product development information processes," said Danny Roy, Hardware Development Manager for Genetec, Inc. "After a thorough review, we chose Omnify Software because we were impressed with its ease of use, functionality and competitive price."
Key Benefits:
Gained key features with out-of-the-box functionality
Easy migration of data from existing PLM system (one day of downtime)
Eliminated time consuming customizations
Achieved operational savings
Direct integration with Altium Designer
Direct integration with SOLIDWORKS
Completely automated BOM, document and engineering change management