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Feature Overview

Omnify Software delivers web-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions that enable your organization to adopt an enterprise PLM solution at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional solutions. The Empower PLM system can address the needs of manufacturers from start-ups to thousands of users with an easy to use and quick to implement system.
The Omnify Empower PLM product delivers features that enable visibility into the complete product record. Whether you are a small engineering group or an enterprise product development team, you have the flexibility to choose the features you need with the opportunity to add on if your needs change. The system is available as an on-premises or hosted/cloud-based solution.

Item Data Management

All Product Information Captured In a Central Location
Omnify Empower provides a complete data management system that centralizes access to all product information across necessary groups in your organization such as - Engineering, Operations, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Partners/Suppliers. Part information, product documents/datasheets, vendors/partners, Bill of Materials (BOMs), software components, service records and other key data is readily available in a secure, efficient and controlled manner.
The Item Master can represent any product object (parts/components, documents, BOM, Software Components, Machines/Instruments, etc.).
Omnify Empower Data Management/Item Master is the Core Building Block:
Item Master can represent any product object (parts/components, documents, Bill of Materials [BOMs], software components, machines/instruments, etc.)
Manage key product data such as part information, product documents, vendors/partners, and service records
Complete revision control with full change traceability/audit trail
Direct integration with online parts database to search and create parts
Assign unlimited parameters/attributes (costs, behavioral characteristics, physical characteristics, etc.)

Key Benefits of Data Management with Omnify Empower

Centralize product information management for all groups; Engineering, Operations, Manufacturing, Quality...
Eliminate searching through folders/files and disparate systems for product data
See full Item revision history in a single view
Automate the New Part Request (NPR) process through workflow assignments and email alerts
Direct data sharing of product information with Engineering tools and Business systems

BOM Management

Managing the Bill of Material (BOM) is a key component in managing the definition of a product. Many companies still manage BOMs using Excel spreadsheets or other paper-based methods which can introduce errors. An inaccurate or incomplete BOM can cause lost weeks in a schedule and result in wasted production runs.
Companies that do not leverage an electronic system like Omnify Empower to manage BOMs can suffer from inaccurate data, lack of revision control to view and track changes, and lengthy Engineering Change/ECO management processes.

Full Bill of Material (BOM) Management Functionality

Complete BOM revision control and audit trail
Structured Change/ECO management process to control BOM changes
"Where Used/Not Used" information available on all items/parts
Comprehensive importing/exporting/reporting to and from various file formats
Direct integration with ERP system for automated BOM uploads/updates
BOM comparisons (compare multiple BOMs)
Complete BOM hierarchy viewing from a single form

Benefits of Omnify Empower BOM Management

Eliminate manual BOM Management processes (Excel spreadsheets, file folders, etc.)
Implement streamlined/structured BOM Change/ECO processes
Manage all released and pre-release/prototype BOM revisions
Improve data integrity by eliminating manual BOM entry (read directly from Engineering tools)
Ensure data accuracy through automatic uploads to ERP and other business systems

Manufacturing Process Management (MPM) - Improve Communication between Design Engineers and the Shop Floor

The Omnify Empower PLM system offers a Manufacturing Process Management module to improve communication between design engineers and the shop floor. With this module, Bill of Material (BOM) Routings are tied to the product record which delivers additional data to help manufacturers improve product quality. The MPM/BOM Routing module provides a method for documenting manufacturing, assembly, and/or test procedures for any BOM in the Omnify Empower database. Routings are automatically restructured upon a product revision or BOM update, ensuring that design and the shop floor are in sync.
Managing BOM Routings in Omnify Empower supplies manufacturers with a complete view of the engineering BOM including associated attributes and documentation.

Omnify Empower PLM MPM Module Features

Define/display operations/stages and steps/sequences (hierarchically)
Revision and ECO/Change controlled routing
Graphical depictions/embedded images
Electronic workflow approval process
BOM/Routing quantity validation

Benefits of Manufacturing Process Management in Omnify Empower PLM

Perform manufacturing planning early in the development cycle
Link routing information directly to engineering data/product record
Provide graphical depictions vs. text based for accurate assembly
Revision-based routing maintains revision history
Dynamic BOM validation to identify inventory issues
Create Corrective Actions dynamically from routing operations
Can be easily hosted for offshore/outsource partners
Improve manufacturing cycles

BOM Configurator

Establishing your Bill of Material (BOM) configurations early on during the prototype phase can save time and money. The BOM Configurator Module allows you manage product configurations for all BOM revisions within Empower.

BOM Configurator Features

Manage separate BOM variants/product configurations for each BOM revision
Add, remove, change items from the standard/base BOM for each configuration
Select Vendors/Suppliers for each build/manufacturing run
Setup default views/columns for each configuration

Benefits of the BOM Configurator Module

Drive BOM configuration early on during prototype
Control different views for different departments
Improve vendor selection (determine best supplier for specific configurations/locations)

Document Management

Complete Product Documentation Control
Product documents such as design files (models, assemblies, schematics, specifications), manufacturing files (assembly drawings, PCB, Gerber), supplier files (datasheets, compliance documents, specifications, quotes) and quality documents are critical components in managing the complete product record. Document Management with a manual or paper-based process is inefficient and expensive. Documents can get lost. Searching for a document can take up valuable time. Access to the correct document version is not always guaranteed.
Omnify Empower helps to streamline your document control process with a central, electronic system to manage all product-associated documentation. Enable easy, secure and controlled access to all product documents across your organization

Omnify Empower PLM Provides Complete Document Control

Vaulting/revision control with check-in/check-out features
Document associations to any Omnify object (Items, BOMs, Changes/ECOs, Projects, Quality, Training)
User privileges for viewing and editing
Automated change notification for Training

Benefits of Document Management in Omnify Empower

Centralized storage of product data and documents
Controlled editing and viewing of documents
Complete revision control of all documents
Easy access to documents (eliminate manual searching for files/directories)

Change/ECO Management

Engineering Change Request (ECR)/Engineering Change Order (ECO) processes can be the most expensive process in a manufacturing organization.
A typical paper-based engineering change control process consists of administrative staff, program managers or engineers that manually move information from one person to another, schedule Change Control Board (CCB) meetings and maintain information in a paper format. Omnify Empower allows you to electronically perform these activities, eliminate inefficiencies, and reduce your engineering change cycle time.

Omnify Empower PLM Automates Engineering Change Management Processes

Full data redlining (BOMs, Documents, Suppliers, Status, Parameters, etc.)
Automatic redline/change creation upon BOM import
Automated parallel and serial workflow processing
Dynamic stages and conditional branching
Parallel/concurrent changes for affected items
Customizable Change/ECO classification (ECR, ECO, ECN, MCO, Deviations, etc.) and rules

Benefits of Engineering Change Management with Omnify Empower

Reduce engineering change cycle time
Structured and automated engineering change control processes
Provides visibility into change information for all groups
Communication platform for manufacturing groups to know changes are pending
Simplifies audits (ISO)

Quality/CAPA Management

Link Quality Information to the Product Record within a Single Database
The Quality Management module offers the ability to extend the Empower PLM solution to encompass quality management processes. Linking quality information directly to the product record within Empower provides a mechanism to automate quality processes, streamline quality data, and enhance visibility into quality information across your organization.
Empower Quality Management is a closed-loop Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) system that helps to capture and route (for resolution) any product defects and issues. If you are in a highly regulated industry such as Aerospace and Defense or Medical Device, the Quality Management module can support your Quality System requirements for regulatory approval.

Omnify Empower PLM Quality Management

Identify, resolve and analyze quality issues
Capture/classify defects and issues
Assign resources and resolution tasks
Capture all issues with customizable forms: Corrective Actions (CAR), Preventive Actions (PAR), Supplier Corrective Actions (SCAR), Non-Conforming Materials Report (NCMR), and customer complaints
Automate routing processes with electronic signoff
Easily recognize and fix trends with customizable reporting/analysis

Benefits of Quality Management in Omnify Empower PLM

Single database to associate quality issues with product records / reduce silos of data
Integrated with all product data stored in Omnify to enhance visibility of quality issues across internal and external teams
Assure Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP/CGMP) and Regulatory Compliance
Reduce development cycles by avoiding prior development/product issues
Lower the cost of quality by addressing quality issues early on during design
Eliminate recurring product issues

Project Management

Centralize Project and Product Data to Improve Development Cycles
The Project Management Module can further enhance your product development cycles. Tracking resources, schedules, deliverables, and tasks is critical to meet time-to-market, customer, and/or management deadlines. Associating project information with product records not only allows deadlines and tasks to be visible to all groups involved in product development, but it also provides an analysis and trend recognition facility to correct and improve product development cycles.
The Omnify Empower PLM Project Management module is integrated with all product data stored in Empower to centralize all product and project data.

Omnify Empower PLM Project Management Module

Capture and track critical project data (schedules, tasks, resources, deliverables, etc.)
Integrate and associate project and product data
Report and analyze projects (trend analysis, resource allocation, schedule predictions)
Automate task status and progress

Benefits of Project Management in Omnify Empower

Integrated with all product data stored in Omnify Empower
Centralized product and project/program data
Greater visibility of project/product progress across all development groups
Accurate prediction of product completion/delivery
Improved resource usage/allocation
Real-time view into project schedule

Training Management

Track and Document all Internal and External Training Records
Implementing an automated system to facilitate training control helps manufacturers keep their personnel adequately trained and adhere to company and regulatory policies. The Empower Training Management module provides an automated system to manage all internal and external training events.

Omnify Empower PLM Training Management Module Features

Track and document all internal and external training records
Identify affected users and customers
Automatically alert trainees for training/re-training
Gauge user proficiency with training comprehension and grading
Automatic training setup/alerts on policy, product, document changes
Identify recurring training/test/calibration events
Electronic signoff and training history records

Benefits of Training Management in Omnify Empower PLM

Streamline product rollout processes
Efficient automated machine calibration processes
Assure regulatory compliance with closed-loop CAPA system requirements
Integrated with all product and project data stored in Omnify Empower

Issue Management

Capture all Product Related Discussions and Feedback
Communication is the cornerstone of product development, manufacturing, and support. Meetings, emails and phone conversations are all important aspects of any team that builds products. But many times this communication isn't captured in a manner that is available to all team members. Sometimes it is a "hallway discussion" between employees and that it where it stops. The Issue Management module is a communication portal that captures these discussions and associates them to the product record. All personnel can access information to understand the full impact their product(s) has on customers which has a direct impact on product features and quality for future designs and updates/upgrades.
The Omnify Empower PLM Issue Management module allows you to capture all product related discussions and feedback and raise, route, and track any problems/issues.

Omnify Empower PLM Issue Management Module Features

Raise, route, and track any problems/issues
Capture discussion/dialog trail around any Omnify object (Changes/ECOs, Items, Projects, Training, etc.)
Portal for internal and external users (Contractors, Customers, Suppliers, etc.)
User blogging environment (comments, ratings)
HelpDesk Ticketing (routing, status, closure, solution identification, knowledge building)

Key Benefits of Issue Management in Omnify Empower PLM

Improve product development, quality, and timelines
Efficient pre-filtering process before an object becomes a quality issue, ECO, etc… (collect data without impacting processes)
Automatically associate customer feedback to product records
Build solutions and knowledge base for common questions/problems to improve product design
Closed-loop processing of "Omnify" and "Non-Omnify" related issues

Compliance Management

Omnify Empower helps you meet compliance guidelines.

Environmental and Social compliance

Stringent environmental and social compliance directives such as the European Union RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemical substances), WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and Conflict Minerals tracing, has altered how companies handle their product development. OEMs are turning to software solutions like Omnify Empower PLM to help develop products that adhere to the new regulations and ensure the proper product design and development processes are in place. Environmental regulations will continue to evolve as various countries initiate their own directives. It is extremely important that manufacturers implement flexible systems and processes that can adapt to this environmental movement.
Leverage Omnify to meet various environmental guidelines:
Identify the complete material composition of a part
Easily classify parts that meet (or do not meet) RoHS/WEEE/REACH/Conflict Minerals or other environmental requirements
Automatically manage and trace all product/supplier changes
Quickly search and export data into a BOM report for analysis of pass/fail parts or demonstrate conformance for regulatory agents
Store all required compliance declarations/certificates associated with a part
Facilitate material composition data exchange throughout the supply chain by supporting the IPC-1752 specification for materials declarations

Benefits of Environmental Compliance Management in Omnify Empower PLM

Single, secure location to track, store and analyze all of your product data for environmental compliance
Address compliance early on at the design phase
Easily generate compliance reports at any level of the product design
Avoid costly late-stage redesign
Simplify the audit process-information is readily available

Medical Devices- Design Safe, Effective and Compliant Products

Medical Device OEMs must have meticulous management of data for product quality, compliance and product safety. Device manufacturers who track their documentation electronically and must maintain records or submit information to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are subject to the FDA regulation Part 11 of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR Part 11). To be compliant, medical OEMs must meet the electronic records and electronic signature guidelines set forth by the FDA. Some medical device manufacturers are also required to meet the FDA 21 CFR Part 820 Quality System regulation. This requires device manufacturers to have a quality system for the design, manufacture, packaging, labeling, storage, installation, and servicing of finished medical devices intended for commercial distribution in the United States. Omnify Software is helping medical device customers design safe, effective and compliant products by providing the tools to properly manage product development processes for regulatory compliance and simplify the audit process.
Leverage Omnify to meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11, FDA 21 CFR Part 820, CE and ISO guidelines for medical devices:
Controlled environment to manage all of your product data (bill of materials management, documentation control, change control, CAPA/quality management, training)
Complete history tracking for electronic audit trails
Password-protected signoffs and authorized signatures to manage user authentication and authorization
Easy reporting and analysis (custom reports, DMR/DHR/DHF reports, customizable dashboards)
Defined user roles to control accessibility
Closed-loop Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) system
Integrated Training records management

Benefits of Medical Device/FDA Compliance Management in Omnify Empower PLM

Single, controlled location to store and manage all product, project, quality, and training records
Eliminates the need to purchase separate systems
Easily generate compliance reports and perform analysis
Simplify the audit process with easy access to information
Adhere to FDA and ISO guidelines while eliminating costly redesigns and shortening development cycles

System Integrations

With a goal to keep your design and manufacturing data in sync, the Omnify Empower technology architecture was created to be open and flexible enough to securely and reliably share information with Engineering and Enterprise systems. Our open architecture platform allows you to leverage your investment in existing business and engineering systems and deploy the Omnify Empower system without interrupting your current processes. Omnify Empower offers out-of-the-box, bi-directional integration with systems such as: ERP, MRP, CRM, CAD, CAE and online content providers.

Enterprise Integration

Import and export data to/from your business systems
Automatically publish new items, BOMs, ECOs, AML/AVL from Omnify to your Enterprise System
Automatically push business data from ERP (Costs, Inventory, Status, Vendors) to Omnify
Various open technology standards to link any business systems
Omnify has successfully implemented integrations with a number of ERP, PDM, and CRM systems such as: Aptean ERP Solutions (Intuitive™/Made 2 Manage®), Deltek, Epicor®, Expandable ERP, Infor™ ERP, Microsoft Dynamics®, NetSuite®, Oracle® ERP, QAD, Sage Software, and SAP® ERP,

Engineering Integration

Load design documents and BOMs automatically from your engineering tools (MCAD, ECAD/CAE) into Omnify Empower
Live data connection for CAD/CAE tools to read component data (attributes, documents/datasheets, vendor information)
Synchronize/validate design document revisions
Omnify has successfully implemented integrations with various engineering environments including: Altium™, Cadence™, Mentor Graphics®, PTC®, and SOLIDWORKS®, as well as online component content providers Octopart and SiliconExpert.